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Name:Lost Carnival
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Do you ever think about running away? The carnival was the perfect place to do it – run by an eccentric and otherworldly fae called the Ringmaster, it travelled across the multiverse with little more in mind than simply entertaining the beings of different worlds and exploring what each universe had to offer. Some signed on by choice, while others became accidentally drafted into service after gaining a debt to the Ringmaster. Some of both wound up staying for multiple years, settling into the carnival as a home away from home.

As imperfect and strange as its travels can be, its paid employees receive powerful faerie boons – favours from the Ringmaster that can be used to change your world or yourself as you see fit. While working there, it’s possible to learn magic, learn new skills, and discover parts of yourself you never knew existed. It’s also possible that you might grow some fantastical new physical features from the presence of the Ringmaster’s faerie magic, though the reviews of that particular service are mixed.

In the carnival you could become a new you, live a new life, and return home without ever having missed a thing. It used to be so easy.

But now the same faerie powers that enable the carnival’s journeys have returned to seek vengeance for actions of the ancient past. With long forgotten ties to both the Summer and Winter Courts of Arcadia, the Ringmaster has taken the carnival on the run, fighting to elude the enemies and allies she abandoned for a life among mortals eons ago – and all the while, those that follow her have been dragged into a battle between multiversal powers they never knew existed.

The Faerie Courts' hold on the multiverse is growing. How far will you run?
Lost Carnival is a panfandom game centered around the activities of a mysterious carnival, capable of travelling between dimensions, and bringing a motley crew of indentured employees with it. Major themes include the mental and physical transformations that come with being exposed to the carnival’s faerie magic, as well as the dangers that come from meddling with other worlds.

The game has entered its second year and its second IC season - stakes are higher than ever as characters are forced to fight for their freedom and potentially for the fate of the entire multiverse. There is a more serious and dramatic metaplot arc concerning the Faerie Courts mixed in with more lighthearted visits to various worlds and tour locations. The path the carnival takes is very much in your hands.

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